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What is Nine to Five?

Nine to Five is a free-to-play 3v3v3 team focused first-person shooter! Set in a future where corporations rule and being their mercenary is just another job, collaboration and smart teamplay is what gets the job done around here – not just pure reflexes. Customize your loadouts, mod your favorite weapons and make a killing! Nine to Five is in Early Access, enjoy the Open Beta!

Three Teams of Three

No matter how good your reflexes, working as a team always gives you the edge. Working with your co-mercenaries in a team of three, you will tackle changing objectives in each match, keeping everyone on their toes.

Tools of The Trade

To be a successful mercenary, you need the best tools available. With a wide range of weapons and mods, you will be able to customize your loadout to suit your play style the best. This will make your climb up the corporate ladder that much more fun (and violent).

Hostile Working Environment

From the streets of New York to the deserts of Varmstaad, you’ll have beautiful vistas to admire. Also, you will be shot at, so better not admire the scenery too much. Worry not, the shifts are brief and you will get a chance to go again at a short notice. #LearningOpportunities

Attention content creators!

We are on a lookout for aspiring Content Creators to join our growing communications network. Interested? Read more about the Nine to Five Content Creators program and apply now!

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