Welcome to Nine to Five closed Alpha

It’s time for the Nine to Five closed alpha! We hope you enjoy this early version of Nine to Five as much as we have developing it. Just to be clear on what to expect: this is very much a work in progress, and the game has some rough edges that we continue to work on smoothing out.

Alpha Gameplay Reveal Video

On the content side: environments and weapons are still getting visual polish and balancing, some menus are incomplete and can be tricky to navigate, crafting and progression systems are on their first iterations, character visuals are rough, and some of the visual language/VFX needs work. All of these issues are a priority for us.

Our focus in alpha is on the core gameplay, so there’s still a lot of optimisation and refinement missing, which will improve over time as we continue development. This build has not been optimised for performance on lower-end machines yet, but the graphics settings can be adjusted, so if you encounter performance issues, we recommend scaling these back.

We’ve done QA work and testing, but no doubt, some bugs have made it through. If you encounter a problem, please visit https://support.ninetofive.game. We will open the ticket system on June 4. In the meanwhile, you can check the FAQs for more information.

This is a closed alpha, so we ask that you sign a non-disclosure agreement as well as confirm you are 18 years of age or over. Capturing and sharing videos, screenshots or live streams of the game is not allowed at this early stage. As the game evolves and we are closer to completion, we would be delighted for you to share visual material of the game online. However, for now we ask you to kindly respect this rule should you join the alpha test for Nine to Five. The full NDA will be available on June 4 in-game.

That may seem like a lot of disclaimers, but we wanted to get this game into your hands as soon as possible, and ultimately, this will help us craft the best experience in the end. If you have any feedback as you play, please feel free to share your thoughts on our Discord, or Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

We’ve had so much fun playing Nine to Five, and we’re excited to have more friends to play it with. We hope you enjoy!

-The Redhill Games Team