Update update is available for your playing pleasure! For this balance update, we worked on weapon and armor balance, improving time-to-kill, and bridging the power gap between new and seasoned players.


We want to improve the possibility to play both tactically and reactively in Nine to Five. When a player dies too easily, it is hard to make innovative gameplay, as mistakes are punished easily.

With a longer TTK, we want to provide players with access to more options in any scenario, thus promoting a more tactical approach. To achieve this, we are adjusting the time to kill through weapon, item, and armor balance changes.


Weapon Feel

Previously, not every weapon had a unique purpose and feeling to them, and some weapons were more of a “can do it all”. This resulted in a couple of weapons being left alone in their lockers, while others were getting worn out on the field.
With this patch, we want to give each weapon a more personal and niche feeling, where each weapon will shine in its area of expertise and provide a fun and unique playstyle.

Hip Fire

Close quarters combat should feel exciting, fun, and snappy. But currently, we feel that situations where you were reliant on hip fire often resulted in most of the bullets going randomly. Therefore, we improved the general hip fire accuracy of our weapons. This way, you can reliantly fire away from the hip in close combat scenarios.

Weapon Balance

  • All the weapons have received a hip fire accuracy buff.
  • All the weapon changes listed are based on the default weapons, as we have made significant changes to the weapon codes and their impact, the maximum weapon stats will be different.

Old vs New players

When testing out new weapons or when you’re simply a new player, your weapons will be fairly basic and have little upgrades available. Meanwhile, you’re potentially opposing very decked out weapons. This can result in situations where the more default weapons don’t stand much of a chance.

We want to keep weapon progression, both with attachments and weapon codes in the game as a means of, well, progression! But the way that the codes will affect the weapons will be changed.

Currently, weapon codes heavily alter a variety of stats that directly impact the TTK, for example the rate of fire and the minimum damage per bullet. We want to minimize the gap affecting power of the weapons during 1v1 (TTK) situation, but still give you an opportunity to improve your weapon which will help you perform better in prolonged fights and further down the round. The weapon codes will now focus less on rate of fire and damage numbers but more on the Quality-of-life stats and making the weapons easier to use, for example by faster aim speed, better hip stability, increased magazine capacity, reload speed etc.


The armor values were not always as important, and therefore it was common for players to pick an armor that would suit their general playstyle based on the available items, disregarding if they are attacking or defending, nor think about the effectiveness of the armor value.

Our goal is to make sure that there is a reason to choose which armor to use, with different scenarios preferring different armor sets. Sometimes you might want to opt for a light armor with more items, while at other times you might want to opt for pure, raw armor values.


We want to make it fun to both defend and siege objectives. Certain items can sometimes tilt the favor towards one or the other. With these changes we want to encourage and empower the attacking side.
A laser trip mine killing you from full health, isn’t always a fun experience. And thermal pulse detectors tracking you wherever you go can feel a bit harsh, therefore we are easing up on them.

We’re making some adjustments to 2 of our popular items,

Laser Trip Mine

  • Explosion damage reduced from 250 to 120
  • Explosion radius slightly reduced
  • Laser detection range slightly reduced

Thermal Pulse Detector

  • Detection range reduced by 20%
  • Quantity carried reduced from 3 to 2


Changes and bug fixes

  • Change: Winter hub reverted back to the normal hub
  • Fixed: Description of deployable shield
  • Fixed: ML-SMG40 Firing and reloading not heard properly by others
  • Fixed: ML-SMG40 silencer not playing audio correctly