The update is live! With this patch, we focus on weapon balance, faster time-to-kill, improvements for audio and visuals of the game, and heaps of other changes.

Good news, Mercs!

The update is now available for your playing pleasure! This time we focus on weapon balancing and creating a faster time-to-kill. We have also heard your feedback on the sniper rifles dominating the meta and we made sure to address it as well. Audio is also getting a major revamp and are heaps of other changes, so make sure to read on to catch all of it.


For the last few months, we have been collecting data and feedback on time-to-kill and general weapon balance. We were mainly concerned with sniper rifles, shotguns, and other heavy-hitting guns being either too strong or too weak. This inconsistency was quite frustrating for many players, especially in situations when a player would have an edge on the enemy, but due to the lower TTK, they wouldn’t be able to eliminate the enemy quickly enough and occasionally die.

Once we started looking into this issue, we quickly realized that the only viable solution would be to shorten the general time-to-kill and level out the playing field for all weapons. This way, we can ensure that heavy guns stay deadly while making lighter weapons more viable, especially in close to mid-range. That’s why in this update, we corrected the fire rate and damage for most of the weapons. In the table below, you can see the changes for individual weapons.

We have also heard your feedback on the sniper rifles dominating the meta and we addressed it by decreasing the hip fire accuracy and adding a delay for aiming-down-sights (ADS).

Another important change implemented in update is the removed bleeding. For many people the bleeding state was confusing, it wasn’t communicated clearly enough and caused a lot of frustration, especially when players would suddenly bleed out and die after getting hit by a stray shot.


  • Added a bit of winter to the main menu.
  • Added a survey that appears after 10 matches and gives a reward upon completion.
  • Fixed an issue when a player would be backfilled to the same shift they’ve just left.
  • Fixed an issue when a player would be backfilled to an ongoing shift twice in a row.
  • Fixed various crashes.


  • Fixed an issue when animations would break after a player was revived or used a drone.
  • Fixed various animation issues in the tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue when the first-person aiming animation wouldn’t be shown in the spectator mode.
  • Fixed various animation issues while spectating.
  • Fixed an issue when the ADS would break during the bolt-action reload animation.
  • Improved the timing for weapon switching animation.


  • Reworked sounds for all weapons.
  • Remixed audio for the entire game.
  • Improved audio optimization.
  • Improved ambiance sounds on all maps.
  • Added new impact sounds for all physical materials, i.e., the sound of bullets hitting a wall.
  • Improved 3D positional audio and distance attenuation for footsteps and all weapons.
  • Improved the sound indicator for killing an enemy.
  • Fixed an issue when some sounds were inaudible in the tutorial.


  • Rerolling a task reward now offers a different reward after every roll.
  • Added the ability to preview rewards for the upcoming tasks in Tasks Events.
  • Fixed an issue when the red notification didn’t appear when an event starts.


  • Fixed an issue when daily Component offers gave fewer components to players at higher levels.
  • Fixed the incorrect description for Credits on the Marketplace.


  • Added a delay when transitioning from hip fire to ADS with sniper scopes to prevent quick scoping.
  • Removed bleeding effect.
  • If you have any tasks that require bleeding, make sure to abandon them as you won’t be able to complete them.


  • Fixed an issue when the “Place a barricade” prompt stayed on-screen while aiming through a scope.
  • Fixed the incorrect naming of “Stages” in some texts.
  • Corrected outdated descriptions for Credits and Component tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue when pressing ESC would open Settings screen instead of returning to a previous screen.
  • Fixed an issue when some skinned weapon parts were not displayed correctly on the reward screen.
  • Fixed various minor UI issues.


  • Improved character face art.
  • Improved VFX and performance on Deployable Shield’s flash effect.
  • Improved VFX for headshot kills.
  • Fixed an issue when certain armor skin colors were incorrectly shown when viewed from a distance.
  • Fixed an issue when guns would float above dead players.
  • Fixed minor clipping issues on characters.


  • Temporarily disabled the “Belly Barrage” bonus effect for sniper rifles.
  • Added new weapon parts
    • The Canary – Barrel attachment
    • The Canary – Grip
    • Lead Lover – Mag
    • ML-TACSG – Stock
  • Increased the fire rate for the majority of weapons.
  • Increased the hip fire spread on the BS308 sniper rifle.
  • Fixed “The Viceroy – El Dorado Edition” and “The Gambler – Highroller” stocks having incorrect stats.

And that is all for the update, but the fun doesn’t end here. During the coming weeks, we will have special events running nearly non-stop! Play the game during the event, complete tasks and win unique rewards. You can see the full schedule below, and more detailed information about all of the events will be shared when they start!

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, reach out on Steam or on our Discord server!