The update of Nine to Five is now available for your playing pleasure! This time we are introducing heaps of changes to the in-game progression and metagame, new matchmaking events, and fixing some bugs.

Good news, Mercs!

The update of Nine to Five is now available for your playing pleasure! This time we are introducing heaps of changes to the in-game progression and metagame, new matchmaking events, and fixing some bugs.


  • Levelling-up is a lot faster, weapons and armor sets are given as Level Rewards.
  • The Marketplace prices are lower, so Mercs can go on a shopping spree without worrying about their Credits.
  • New events and a new task allowing you to choose your reward, means you will always have something to do!

If you are not into reading long-posts, we will also be running a Developer Live Stream today at 5 PM CEST (8 AM PT, 11 AM ET).

Tune in to learn more about the most important changes from the update. We will also be giving you a sneak peak of our upcoming Matchmaking Events!

Where to watch the stream

On Twitch: twitch.tv/ninetofivegame
On YouTube: https://youtu.be/NY7XVnO_rJc

With this update, we introduce a clearer player progression path and make leveling up more rewarding. We increased the level progression speed by lowering the XP required for each level and added new Level Rewards.

All existing players will have their levels increased according to the new experience points.

If you are an experienced player, you will get all the rewards for skipped level-ups. But due to technical limitations, you must first play a shift and after that the rewards will be added to your account.

New Level Rewards include weapons, armor, weapon parts, hacking codes, credits, components, and different cosmetic items. If you have passed the level before the update, all the missing rewards will be compensated to you, so you won’t be missing out on anything!

The rewards are designed in the following way. With every level, player unlocks a new weapon and a Weapon Part or a Hacking Code for that weapon, as well as a new part or a code for one of the weapons they already own. On the higher levels, we add cosmetics and Hacking Codes of better quality into the reward mix.

Here is an example of the level-up rewards:

With faster level-ups and improved Level Rewards, we want to make it easier for the players to try out different weapons, armor sets, and items. It should help players find their favorite loadout, which they can improve with additional Weapon Parts and Hacking Codes.

In this update, we have adjusted the prices for all weapons and armor sets available for Credits. Prices are significantly lower and follow a unified pattern when the price of a weapon depends on the Weapon Class, and the price of an armor set depends on the number of item slots that armor has.

If you have purchased weapons or armors before this update, the compensation for the price difference will be added to your account automatically within the next few days.

Another major change in this update is the addition of new Matchmaking events, a new feature called Events and a new Task. Let’s kick things of with the new Matchmaking Events.

We added new Matchmaking Events so you can be the first to test new and experimental Nine to Five features! As usual the events will be running on the weekends, and you can read about the next four below.

Pipeline (Oct 22 – Oct 25)

This highly experimental map features a compact old world village awash with modern Farmira industrialization. The action is fast and competitive.

Damage Assessment (Oct 29 – Nov 1)

This limited time event is a little…extra. Extra weapon damage and extra headshot multipliers make for a mean, manic pace where those who pause to flex for only a microsecond will surely get flattened. The maps are tight and the action is fast. Prepare for increased occupational hazards.
This will not be its own matchmaking queue, but rather this event will be active for all players who play the game during the weekend

On the Air (Nov 5 – Nov 8)

Our newest game mode currently in development in the Redhill code kitchen. Hack the downed drone, collect the evidence and broadcast it for the world to see.

Risk and Reward (Nov 12 – Nov 15)

The clock is ticking in this completely new experimental flow. Cut into the vault, secure the encrypted radio, call in the drone and disappear.

Another addition is something we simply call “Events”. Events come in many forms and styles, they can only last for one weekend and contain a handful or tasks to complete, or they can be weeklong events with a chain of many tasks to complete. Complete all the tasks in the Event while it is open to earn powerful rewards.

This weekend, you will be able to check out the Event feature in action, as each Matchmaking Event will have its own corresponding Event. Complete the tasks while playing the special matchmaking queue to earn strong rewards!

NB! Oftentimes, the task rewards for the Events compliment the High Performer Weekend Task rewards, so you might want to complete those as well 😉

Last but not least, we introduced a new repeatable task which gives you parts or codes. We have heard your feedback about the random nature of the rewards, so with this task you are able to choose the weapon that you want the rewards to be for. So choose the weapon that you like, and complete this task to make it more powerful!


  • Fixed certain matches getting stuck in “shift starting” state
  • Improved anti-cheat tools
  • Improvements to general gameplay CPU performance


  • Added idle breathing animation
  • Improved animation for “get the code” objective
  • Improved LMG aim down sights animation
  • Improved 3rd person animations for players controlling drones
  • Improved quick melee animation
  • Improved weapon movement while vaulting
  • Fixed 3rd person animation issues when reloading with the Canary
  • Fixed broken animations if spam placing laser cutters or the throw grenade button
  • Fixed inconsistencies in reload cancels in first and third-person views
  • Fixed some issues where characters appeared to be sliding in 3rd person view


  • Various tweaks to audio balance / mix
  • Added new sounds for car windows and other unbreakable glass
  • Improved fall audio
  • Improved ambient sounds on all maps
  • Improved audio for walking on grass
  • Fixed issue with sounds running faster when moving diagonally
  • Fixed ML-CR (AR556MCR) silencer audio to be silenced.

Progression & Events

  • Progression has received major changes, moving up the levels will now be faster. Weapons and armors are added to level up rewards. Players will receive compensation for unreceived rewards.
  • Shop pricing changes for Weapons and Armors available for credits. Players will be compensated the price difference.
  • Introducing new Task Events
    • Unique task event for all matchmaking events
    • Added Days of the Dead event for Halloween and related rewards
  • Added new matchmaking events for 0.3
    • Pipeline Event
    • Damage Assessment Special Event
    • On the Air Event
    • Risk and Reward Event
  • Added repeatable mission where player can choose what weapon the rewarded code/part is for
  • Applying hacking codes now costs components instead of credits
  • Components now drop from matches


  • Auto-meleeing doors has now been disabled. To destroy a door, you need to manually melee
  • Clarified the instructions for Round 2 of Bioweapon Breakout
  • Improved communication of objective being captured by enemies or friendlies
  • Fixed mercenary decoy not appearing through scopes
  • Fixed player remaining with the revive pistol stuck in his hand if the player he is reviving leaves the match
  • Fixed rubberbanding while downed
  • Fixed armor turning white after being caught in EMP blast.
  • Fixed drone ability resetting when picking up the drone
  • Fixed player character turning while using the drone
  • Fixed being able to activate drone abilities while spectating
  • Fixed Firestarter flames killing through walls


  • Added new concept map “Pipeline” for the Pipeline Matchmaking Event
  • Fixed getting stuck behind shelves in the Bank on ONY
  • Fixed getting stuck behing pipes in the Water Plant
  • Fixed getting stuck between cacti in Varmstadt
  • Fixed issues with ladders clipping through platforms in Varmstadt
  • Fixed some car windows still being transparent
  • Adjusted foliage size on Varmstadt


  • You are now able to use the menus while in matchmaking, only going to shop is prevented
  • Changed location of Voice and Text Chat box in HUD
  • Added an indicator to see what character face you have selected
  • Added preview option for the weekend task reward weapon
  • Improvements to performance in main menu
  • Improved various texts in the UI
  • Improved backgrounds in HUB and Loadout Menus
  • Improved how task rewards are shown
  • Fixed alternative weapon stats not fitting the screen
  • Fixed irregularities with ESC not closing screens or doing weird stuff in the background
  • Fixed issues with character eyes deforming while in menu
  • Fixed maintenance warning not appearing in all screens
  • Fixed steam friends not appearing in-game with their in-game nickname
  • Removed levitating arms from the performance review screen


  • Added a unique VFX for headshot kill
  • Added new VFX for cargo plane
  • Fixed issues with hands and weapons clipping on Sneak and Peak armors
  • Fixed the water plant Billboard affecting colors of scopes


  • Added crosshair sway when aiming and moving with BS308
  • Improved Foundry SMG reload animation
  • Improved how character holds the SMG MKII
  • Fixed issue with bought ML-CR Hellhound missing a part. Everyone who is missing it should receive it soon.
  • Fixed issue with Happy Hump Day missing a part when bought. Players still missing it should get it soon
  • Fixed issue with Multitasker set parts dropping on weapons that can’t use it. If you have a multitasker part for pistols or shotguns, you can safely scrap them
  • Fixed issue with sniper scope missing textures
  • Fixed issues with hands clipping through the Lurker weapon
  • Fixed Muzzle Break not being connected to the Cardinal
  • Fixed certain weapon animations breaking after specific actions

That’s all folks! If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, reach out on Steam or on our Discord server!