Thank You For Playing Alpha

Hi everyone!

We want to thank you for playing Nine to Five in Closed Alpha with us. We are humbled by the response and the amount of constructive feedback we’ve received.


Goals for Alpha Reached

Our goal for Alpha was to understand how the core gameplay works, what makes players to come back, and where we need to improve the game. Thanks to you, we have now reached this goal many times over – the amount of play sessions, data we have gathered and the spot-on feedback you have sent us has made sure this test has been a success.

About Alpha Match Making

We’re also seeing an increasing gap between experienced players and those just entering the game. We underestimated how quickly some of you would learn the maps and tactics, upgrade your armor and fine-tune your guns. Separating experienced and new players is on our roadmap, but unfortunately in alpha the pool of players is limited and splitting the player base would lead to a slow MM. This issue will only become more prominent as alpha progresses. 

Taking The Learnings

For the reasons above we have decided to end this closed alpha a bit earlier than originally planned and focus on taking the lessons learned into action. Nine to Five closed alpha will end on Sunday June 21st. The Sunday sessions will run as scheduled for both EU and NA servers, after which we’ll wrap up the test. 
Please check out this video where our CEO Matias explains our thinking in more detail:

More Tests & Info to Come

We hope you have enjoyed playing alpha with us. We can’t wait to get crafting the next phase of the game as soon as possible. We will also share more information, and fun & interesting stats about the results of alpha in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. Thanks again for playing, giving us feedback, and making it possible for us to learn and develop Nine to Five together with you. Please go and enjoy this weekend of gaming with us! 
P.S. All alpha testers are automatically in the upcoming tests. We will stay in touch! Please join our Discord or social media channels to learn more about the next steps we are planning. 

With love, 

Redhill Games Team


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