Rogue Shift // Limited-Time Event — Apr 19 – 28

Rogue Shift is a limited-time event, that takes over Nine to Five from 19 to 28 of April.

Rogue Shift starts on April 19

Rogue Shift is a limited-time event, that takes over Nine to Five from 19 to 28 of April. Loot powerful weapons, survive against the competition, and be the one to complete the assignment and extract with the evidence.

Welcome to Rogue Shift, Mercenary

Rogue Shift

We have located a media drive full of compromising evidence that our clients would love to keep hidden, for a hefty sum, of course. Your mission is to simply acquire that case, but beware — other mercenaries are looking to cash in on this opportunity as well!

Loot for the tools to get the job done


You arrive to the remote Clinic with a tracker and a basic sidearm. Your first task is to search your surroundings to find more powerful weapons, armor, and items to keep you safe while hunting for keycards granting you access to the main objective — a safe holding the media drive.

Survive the competition


You are not the only mercenary looking for the media drive, and the others will do anything they can to be the first to get their hands on the evidence and sell it to the highest bidder. So, take out the competition with your newly acquired gear, or stay out of their way and focus on the objective – the choice is yours!

Extract first and make a killing


Once you find what you were looking for, there is just one thing left to do — getting out alive. Pick an extraction zone, call in the chopper, and set up your defenses, because the competition will not let you escape without a fight.

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