Not so Silent Nights // Task Event — Dec 16-26

Celebrate the holiday season in Nine to Five with the special limited-time event. Complete tasks and earn unique festive merc gear like unique holiday armor, candy-coated weapons!

To celebrate the holiday season, we are kicking off ten days of Not so Silent Nights.

Play, complete tasks and earn some killer presents, including festive merc gear like unique holiday armor, candy-coated weapons, and loads of other cool Yule stuff.

The event will run from Dec 16 to Dec 26.

To participate in the event, simply go to the Events tab in the game menu and see what tasks you need to complete.

After completing a task, the next one will open. There’s a total of 10 tasks and 10 unique rewards to earn. Note that some of the tasks are locked until a specific day, so you need to clock in on different days to complete all the tasks.

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, reach out on Steam or on our Discord server!


The update is live! With this update, we’re fixing heaps of bugs, introducing new in-game events with new weapons and armor, and improving balance and game controls.

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