Nine to Five Leaves Early Access with Update 1.0

After nearly ten months in Early Access, we’re happy to present the update 1.0 of Nine to Five!

After nearly ten months in Early Access, we’re happy to present the update 1.0 of Nine to Five!

With this update, we are introducing a new map, game flows, achievements, higher tier hacking codes, new weapons, armor, skins, and much more!

We are excited to announce the return of the Huxwell Clinic map, and this time around, it is here to stay!

Clinic has been a long time coming, it is our first map released after the launch of Early Access, and it brings the map roster to three, joining Old New York and Varmstadt Labs.

So, what is Huxwell Clinic? It is a luxurious hospital hidden between the thriving evergreen forest, rocky mountains, and crystal lakes. This place is designed for intense relaxation and mindful restorations for the wealthiest people in the world.

The design of the new map blends some of the best features of Old New York and Varmstadt Labs. It contains complex indoor areas riddled with halls and enclosures for fast-paced and action-focused gameplay, as well as spacious and vertical outdoor areas for tactical and long-range combat.

We hope it was worth the wait — we can’t wait to see you completing your shifts in Huxwell Clinic, and we look forward to all of your feedback!

Here comes a new corporation — Welcome Milodyne!

From humble beginnings in Switzerland to the fusion of hundreds of energy producers worldwide, Milodyne Energy Solutions has shepherded the planet to a new energy era.

Milodyne not only pioneers new wind and solar technology, but ways to make the power go further. Through a mix of green energy, clean coal, friendly fracking, and fission solutions, they power homes, businesses, streetlights, trains, factories, holiday lights, drones, concerts, smartphones, TVs, rockets, cars, and the Internet server farms that bring the joy of social media to your fingertips 24 hours a day. Milodyne believes fighting climate change means market capitalization.

Work with Milodyne and create a bright, high-tech, and full-of-hope future! With Milodyne Energy Solutions, you’ve got the power!

With the arrival of the Milodyne corporation, we introduced a new set of weapons!

Raptor – Assault Rifle

The Raptor Assault Rifle is the pinnacle of weapons technology. Thanks to patented recoil mitigation systems, it provides a seamless but devastating burst of bullets with minimal recoil. Lightweight yet sturdy, the Raptor is a very versatile weapon perfect for combat at any distance.

Helix – Sub Machine Gun

Pin point accuracy, extremely high fire rate, minimal recoil, and sufficient magazine size. What else is there to say?

Talon – Light Machine Gun

This LMG looks like a weapon from the future, but only because it is. With its distinctive design and devastating fire power, Talon eclipses other light machine guns in medium to long-range.

This LMG has a very strong recoil, but if you can control it, Talon will not run circles around the competition — it will punch a hole straight through it.

The Apex weapons will be obtainable through the upcoming task events.

Raptor AR

  • 30 MAY – 9 JUN — Career Development 202

Helix SMG

  • 27 JUN – 7 JUL — Career Development 204

Talon LMG

  • 25 JUL – 4 AUG — Career Development 206

In this update, we also introduced achievements. You are now able to complete a series of trials that reward you with corporation-themed weapons and serious bragging rights!

Head over to your Steam Library to see the complete list of achievements and rewards.

We added the option to report players directly in the game.

After each stage of a match or after completing a match, stay on the results screen and click three dots next to the name of a player you would like to report, and it will bring up the option to send a report for cheating or toxicity.

Reporting in the game is the best way to report issues because it automatically grabs some of the information we need to investigate. So, feel free to use this whenever you face abusive or cheating players!

Responding to a popular request, we altered the reward system for daily tasks and made it easier to get what you want!

From now on, whenever you pick a new task, you can select which weapon you want to receive the rewards for.

We extended the level progression to level 15 and introduced new level rewards. Furthermore, once you reach the maximum level of 15, you can progress indefinitely with a fixed reward for each level up.

We added a new Hacking Code rarity. Upon reaching level 13, you can obtain the brand new “Mint” Hacking Codes. These Hacking Codes improve your weapon parameters even further and provide you with additional upgrade points, allowing you to bring out the full potential of your weapons.

We added new branded armor and weapons for each of the four corporations, so now you can truly represent your employer on the battlefield!

However, you must prove your support and allegiance to the corporation if you want to earn the swag! Most of the weapons and armor sets are given out as rewards during specific task events, but some weapons can only be obtained by completing achievements.

Here are all branded weapons:

Farmira Corporation

Mash Media

New World Finance

All corporation-branded weapons come with completed attachments sets and hacking codes pre-installed!

With this update we continue adding new task events and new rewards, and during the coming weeks, we will have special events running nearly non-stop! Play the game during the event, complete tasks and win unique rewards.

You can see the full schedule below, and more detailed information about each event will be shared when it starts!


16 MAY – 26 MAY — Career Development 201

  • Aphelion / “Ceres”, “Juno”, and “Vesta” armor sets – Milodyne Collection

27 MAY – 30 MAY — Get Mashed Weekend

  • Tiny Tim – Mash Media Collection
  • Lurker – Mash Media Collection

30 MAY – 9 JUN — Career Development 202

  • Raptor Assault Rifle


10 JUN – 13 JUN — Orange Weekend: Sponsored by Farmira

  • ML-9CP — Farmira Collection
  • ML-SMG 40 — Farmira Collection

13 JUN – 23 JUN — Career Development 203

  • Investor / “Angel One”, “Guarding Angel”, and “Archangel” armor sets – New World Finance Collection
  • The Imperator – New World Finance Collection
  • The Viceroy – New World Finance Collection

24 JUN – 27 JUN — F the Weekend: Sponsored by New World Finance

  • The Preacher – New World Finance Edition

27 JUN – 7 JUL — Career Development 204

  • Helix SMG


8 JUL – 11 JUL — F the Weekend 2

  • The Chancellor – New World Finance Collection

11 JUL – 21 JUL — Career Development 205

  • Attribution / “Quick” and “Hot” armor sets – Mash Media Collection
  • Old Salty – Mash Media Collection
  • Lead Lover – Mash Media Collection

22 JUL – 25 JUL — Orange Weekend 2

  • ML-PDW9 – Farmira Collection

25 JUL – 4 AUG — Career Development 206

  • Talon LMG


5 AUG – 8 AUG — Get Mashed Weekend 2

  • Mister Nine – Mash Media Collection

8 AUG – 18 AUG — Career Development 207

  • Terra / “Lux”, “Medialis”, “Gravis” armor sets – Farmira Collection
  • ML-TAC SK Heavy – Farmira Collection
  • ML-TACSG – Farmira Collection

Alongside the new map, we introduce two new game flows: “On the Air” and “Risk and Reward”.

Risk and Reward

“Risk and Reward” is your good old heist mission.

Here your first task is to find authorization codes and hack into an impenetrable vault, then you need to use the cobalt drill and breach the safe, while holding off enemy teams — easy enough!

And finally, if you manage to survive, all you need to do is call in a drone from one of the landing sites and extract the precious clandestine cargo. Piece of cake!

On the Air

“On the Air” flow is slightly trickier. A whistleblower has recorded some scandalous undercover video footage and your job is to find it and get it on the air! But how can you do that?

First, you need to get a password for the media server, so hack the drone! Then collect the videotapes, discreetly by hacking laptops, or slightly less discreetly by blasting your competitors! After that, you just need to find the transmitter, install the media server, and broadcast the footage for the entire world to see!

“On the Air” flow is available on all three maps, but “Risk and Reward” is only available on Old New York and Huxwell Clinic.

In this update we are rolling back the weapon balance changes introduced in the previous update. The armor balance changes from the update are still in effect, read more here.

We will further look at the data and make a new balancing patch in the upcoming weeks.


  • Reduced the download size of the game.
  • Fixed an issue when a player would be kicked out of matchmaking if they have abandoned the previous match.
  • Added the ability to scroll through players’ perspectives while spectating by pressing A/D on the keyboard or RB/LB on a controller.
  • Fixed an issue when the plant on the balcony of the West Wing in Varmstadt Labs map would block bullets.
  • Added the ability to report players during a match between stages and on the end results screen


  • Improved the weapon recoil animations.
  • Improved general poses in the main menu and on the loadout selection screen.
  • Improved first-person running animations.
  • Improved first-person reload animations.
  • Improved the animation for holding items.
  • Fixed various issues with first-person animations in the spectator mode.
  • Fixed various issues when first-person animations would play in the wrong order.
  • Fixed various animation issues in the third-person view.
  • Fixed an issue when animations would break after using the Specter System item.

Progression and Events

  • Added new Mint Hacking Code rarity.
  • Added new Career Development and Weekend Events.
  • Added Milodyne corporation
  • Increased the level progression from level 11 to 15.
  • Added a repeatable level after reaching level 15.
  • Added 10 cross-platform achievements that give unique corporation-branded weapons.
  • Added the ability to select weapon for the rewards in all daily tasks.


  • Fixed an issue when a spectator would not see the flash from Scanner Flashbangs.
  • Fixed an issue where if a player was killed while controlling a drone, their weapon would float above their corpse.
  • Fixed an issue when a player would get stuck in the Tutorial if they placed a Medical Station behind a door.


  • Added new loading screens.
  • Added an option to skip the post-death screen and switch to the spectator’s mode faster.
  • Improved the visibility of completed event tasks in the main menu.
  • Fixed an issue when the ‘Sending Drone’ command in the ping wheel would trigger the wrong VO and HUD marker.
  • Fixed an issue when the team panels wouldn’t be visible on the HUD after dying.
  • Fixed an issue when the teammates would be placed incorrectly in the main menu when using an ultrawide resolution.
  • Fixed an issue when the menu would overlap when opening the settings menu as the match is ending.
  • Fixed an issue when a player could not unblock a player at the end of stage if you blocked them in the previous stage.
  • Fixed an issue when account linking screen would not open immediately when accessing it from the settings.
  • Changed weapon thumbnails to icons in the loadout menu to improve performance.
  • Added the ability to hide other player names from the HUD for streaming.
  • Added the graphics setting to control “Material Quality”.
  • Added the dead zone option to the controller input settings.

Google Stadia

  • Improved the main menu performance for Google Stadia.
  • Improved overall performance on Google Stadia.
  • Added a performance mode toggle for Google Stadia. Disabling the performance mode will enable higher resolution when possible.
  • Fixed an issue when a friend’s Stadia profile page wouldn’t open in some circumstances.


  • Improved the “auto-detect” graphics settings functionality to give optimal settings for various hardware configurations.
  • Improved the performance of the Old New York map.
  • Optimized the overall gameplay performance.
  • Optimized the general memory usage.
  • Fixed various crashes.
  • Added NVIDIA Reflex support.


  • ML-SMG 40, The Preacher, and The Old Salty are now available in the shop for credits.
  • Improved the visualization of flash reduction while firing.
  • Fixed an issue when animations wouldn’t work when swapping the magazine for the “Mad Dog” SMG.
  • Fixed an issue when the Mad Dog SMG would not have a different sound when using a silencer weapon part.
    • Added new weapon attachments
    • Extended Magazine for “Tiny Tim”.
    • Extended Magazine for “The Butler”
    • Extended Magazine for “Mister Nine”
  • Fixed the Belly Barrage set and now works again as intended, reducing the overall hip-spread when using the full set.

Maps & Flows

  • Added the Huxwell Clinic map.
  • Added two new match flows: “On the Air” and “Risk and Reward”.
  • Fixed an issue when the plant on the balcony of the West Wing in Varmstadt Labs map would block bullets.