New Task Events — March and early April

Get a second chance to earn The Preacher, Old Salty, ML-SMG 40, Mohave Armors with the Performance Re-Evaluation events, and pick your own rewards during Merc’s Choice event!

Mercs, it is time for your regular performance evaluation!

We present you with new task events arriving in March and early April — Performance Re-Evaluation 1-4 and the Merc’s Choice event!

Performance Re-Evaluation events are a great place to get the missing weapons and armor from Career Development events.

So if you didn’t manage to get The Preacher assault rifle, the Old Salty double-barrel shotgun, ML-SMG 40, or the Mohave Armors, now you have a second chance! And it’s even better if you have completed everything on the first go! Now you can focus on getting more parts, codes, and other additional rewards that will help to unleash the full potential of your weapons!

Merc’s Choice is a brand new type of task events. This time players get to choose the rewards!

Two weeks before the event, we will run a poll on our Twitter and Discord, where you could vote for one of four bundles. Each bundle will include a primary and secondary weapon, armor set, and a badge or a sticker. Stay tuned and follow Nine to Five on Twitter and Discord!

Performance Re-Evaluation 1/4

The first event in the series, Performance Re-Evaluation 1/4, runs from 11 AM CET on Mar 7 until 11 AM CET on Mar 14. Complete just 4 tasks and earn 4 unique rewards, including the infamous Preacher AR!

This time you can complete the tasks in any order and at your own pace — finish them all in a day or concentrate only on the most desired rewards! Just head over to the Events tab in the game menu and see what assignments you need to complete.

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us on Steam or our Discord server!