Merc’s Choice // Task Event — Apr 4 – 14

Our Mercenary community has cast their votes, and the results are in! Complete tasks to earn powerful weapons, fancy armor, and a sticker — all handpicked by our community!

Great news, Mercs!

Our Mercenary community has cast their votes and selected four awesome rewards for this task event! In the next ten days, complete four simple tasks to earn powerful Primary & Secondary weapons, a fancy armor set, and an armor sticker — all handpicked by our community.

“Ratatatata” Mad Dog SMG

The Ratatatata emerged from the Special Projects Division at Alliance as artisans paid homage to the Flying Tigers of WW2 who painted shark teeth on the nose of their fighter planes and ruled the skies despite being outnumbered ten to one.

With stylish touches such as a translucent clip, custom paint design and a relaxing rabbit on the suppressor, the Ratatatata fights foes with deadly style and takes psychological warfare to the next level.

To get yours, kill or incapacitate 80 enemies by team.

“Forgotten” ML-TAC SK Heavy Pistol

The ML-TAC SK is known for its cult following and this special edition is unmatched in elegance, becoming a highly sought-after item by those who value unique design and know that every detail makes a difference.

The blue and gold accents strike a balance between fashion and force. The custom grip with engraved insignia provides smooth operation and a nod to the wildly revered god of Norse mythology.

But make no mistake – the Forgotten is no myth, it is a legend.

Earn 15,000 credits in shifts and be a part of the legend.

“Tropic Thunder” Junkyard Dog Armor Set

Be the hurricane. Win 10 stages and unleash the power of this kit onto unsuspecting enemies when they least expect it.

“Duck you” Armor Sticker

Just a picture of a cute, but very mean ducky.

Quack-quack! Complete 10 shifts or else… Quack!

This event will run until 10 AM UTC on Thursday 14th of April.

For this event, every task is available immediately, allowing you to complete them at your own pace and in any order — finish everything in a day or concentrate on the most desired rewards!

Head over to the Events tab in the game menu and see what assignments you need to do.

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us on Steam or our Discord server!