Live for the Weekend // Task Event — Feb 18 – 21

Live for the Weekend event is kicking off! It’s an easy way to score free stuff just for playing. Complete special tasks and receive some killer upgrades for your ML-PDW9 SMG!

The fourth Live for the Weekend event is kicking off! What an easy way to score free stuff just for playing! Complete our special tasks and you’ll receive these killer upgrades:

  • 250 Farmira Components.
  • Extended Magazine.
  • Brilliant Hacking Code.

How to participate in the event

First of all, you need the ML-PDW9 SMG.

You can purchase the ML-PDW9 from the Marketplace for 15,000 credits or by completing the Weekend Task from your Daily Tasks list.

This week’s Weekend Task is to earn at least 1500 credits in 5 different shifts.

Note, if you decide to obtain the ML-PDW9 from the Weekend Task, it will already have some upgrades pre-installed, so adding new Hacking Codes and Parts will send it to the moon!

If you already have the ML-PDW9, you can just focus on completing the Live for the Weekend tasks and collecting awesome upgrades for your weapon!

Live for the Weekend event runs from 11 AM CET on Feb 18 until 11 AM CET on Feb 21.

Check the Events tab in the game menu to see what tasks you need to complete. There’s a total of 3 tasks and 3 unique rewards to earn. All the tasks are available immediately, so you can complete them in any order.

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, reach out on Steam or our Discord server!