Development Update June 2021

In this update, we’ll delve deeper into the Steam Next Fest, address some of the feedback, and take a sneak peek at the progression system!

Hello, Mercenaries!

The past two months have been very eventful with the second Beta Weekend and the Steam Next Fest. We thank you all for participating in these events, your feedback and engagement throughout all of this has been incredible!

In this monthly post, we will cover the recent Steam Next Fest, how it went, and what we have learned, as well as discussing what’s in store for Nine to Five in the upcoming months!


Steam Next Fest was our second longest test since the alpha, and it was another significant milestone in the development of Nine to Five. With thousands of games played, and tons of feedback and data gathered, let us walk you through our notes and plans.

First and foremost, optimization and performance. We recognize how hard it can be to enjoy the game when facing technical issues or lag. That’s why our team is working hard on resolving the most critical issues, and further optimizing the game performance before the next test. We are also updating the matchmaking logic to reduce queue times, while keeping matches fun and fair for all players.

Besides fixing technical problems, we will continue tinkering with weapon balance and core gameplay features. We were happy to see that the gun balance is gradually shaping up, and we are starting to feel good about the weapon varieties and their characteristics. It’s true that some of them still require adjustments — and yes, the LMG needs to be beefier — but we are happy to move into a phase of polishing rather than redesigning.

Also, for future tests, we will be showing more parameters in weapon descriptions, so that you get a better understanding of their core stats without needing to calculate them yourself anymore.

Before the Steam Next Fest, we balanced items and armors ensuring that turrets don’t headshot people, medkits don’t revive indefinitely, and loadouts are not too overpowered. These changes were needed and were very well-received!

With the aforementioned updates, we are starting to be happy with the second-to-second gameplay. The game is developing its signature pace, vibe, and strategies around the various maps and flows; we are getting there!

So now, it’s time to focus on another essential upcoming part of the game… Progression, Customization, and Metagame! Handing it off to Kiril, our Senior Game Designer for a brief outline of what we are currently working on.


Getting new job
A mercenary career has its highs and lows. It’s exciting and colorful but for those who’re persistent enough, it’s also rewarding. Because, unlike governments, corporations don’t give up on you.

Work experience is key
In Nine to Five, the first step towards a successful career in a corporation will be completing a freelance mercenary ladder. Participate in shifts, be active, prove you’re not a junior merc, and your every step will be kindly rewarded by United Corporations company. Get noticed and your network will grow in no time.

If you want something done pass it to mercenaries
Mercenaries are the essential element of new world progress. Every day Corporations offer new tasks to complete. Look at the job board and take what fits you the most or take all tasks and be a straight-A merc. Gradually progress and get rewarded with bigger and better tools: all sorts of improvements for your beloved guns, hacking codes, and extra weapon attachments.

My guns my rules
In later updates, we’ll introduce hacking codes that you can use to improve certain aspects of your gun. RPM is too low, gun kicks too much, or it is just too loud – everything can be fixed with gun hacking codes.

Besides hacking codes, you can collect attachments and create unique weapon variations, both visually and functionally. With our weapon attachments, the rule is that 1 + 1 gives you more than 2.

Mind your balance
If you don’t want to tinker too much with your old and worn-out gear, save enough credits and buy brand-new weapons, armor, and much much more. Corporations take good care of their mercs and regularly throw new stuff on a market, but don’t spend everything in one go, sometimes it’s better to wait for the best offer.

Need a new SMG, more versatile armor, or a custom edition of your good old AR — Welcome to United Corporations online shop, 24/7 delivery.

And this is only just the first step. Corporations will be looking for new members soon…

At the end of the post, we once again want to thank you for your support, your feedback! Together we have achieved a lot already, and we are happy to see that you, our players, seem to enjoy Nine to Five more and more after each test!

There is still a lot to do and to discuss, and in July we will return with more updates and news! There are many things that we haven’t talked about yet, and we can’t wait to share more!

Stay safe and stay cool!

Best regards,
Redhill Games Team