Days of the Dead // Halloween Event

Nine to Five celebrates Halloween with a limited-time event where you can earn ghastly merc gear such as a special edition armor set, weapon, and other killer treats.

Happy Halloween Mercenary,

To celebrate Halloween, Nine to Five is featuring a limited-time event — Days of the Dead, where you can feast on tons of ghastly free stuff. Complete tasks to earn morbid merc gear including gruesome armor, a special edition weapon and many other killer treats.

The event will run until 10 AM UTC on Nov 1. To participate in the event, simply check the Events tab in the game and see what task you need to complete. After completing a task, the next one will open. There’s a total of 10 tasks and 10 unique rewards to earn. Note that some of the tasks are locked until a specific day, so you need to clock in on different days to complete all the tasks.

Complete tasks during the Days of the Dead event week and earn unique weapon, armor sets, components, credits, and weapon parts. Here is a sneak peek of the main task rewards — Ghost Armor Collection and the “I am the 1%” gun!

Born from an in-game visual glitch, the Ghost armor will send chills down your enemies’ spines! And the “I am the 1%” pistol is the most luxurious piece of equipment in Nine to Five. Owning one of these will immediately put you among the top 1%. We are not entirely sure top 1% of what, but it does sound posh.

In awe of the celebration of All Hallows’ Day, we have prepared an exclusive Halloween-themed bundle. The Halloween Haul bundle features the Howling Hellfire SMG, three versions of the Hellspawn Elite Armor System, Sunner’s Suitcase for your EDC, and beastly accessories for a perfect demonic disguise.

Halloween Haul Bundle — become your enemy’s worst nightmare and win any fancy dress contest.

On the Halloween weekend, we will be running a special “Damage Assessment” event.

This limited time event is a little…different. Higher weapon damage and higher headshot multipliers make for a mean, manic pace where those who pause to flex for only a microsecond will surely get flattened. The maps are tight and the action is fast. Prepare for increased occupational hazards.

This will not be a matchmaking event, but rather everyone will be subjected to the carnage!

This is not all we have in store for Halloween either!

We will be hosting a special Halloween stream on Thursday 28th of October, get ready to be spooked!

Happy Halloween from everyone at Redhill Games!