Closed Test 2: Gunplay is coming up on October 22 for 1 day only!

I know, your mother always told you not to play with guns, but we’re asking you to . . . ummm . . . play with Guns!

What we’ll be testing

  • Close and mid-range combat and weapons.
  • Alternative secondary weapons: light vs heavy.
  • Improved A.S.S. also know as Automatic Support System.
  • New companion drone abilities: now it has 3 new active & passive abilities for you to choose from.

What we’ve changed

  • Rebalanced weapons & updated disposable items.
  • Improved armor selection (also arms & torso are the same piece now).
  • Injuries from gunfire or falling no longer affect movement speed or weapon handling.
  • Increased cover and maneuverability by adding barricades to the streets of Old New York.
  • You can now rejoin a match after being disconnected.
  • Added new Alliance 3 armor.
  • Improved positional audio, weapon sounds, and player/enemy sounds.
  • Please be advised that leaves no longer stop bullets or deflect grenades (sorry about that).

How to sign up for Closed Test 2

If you have already played in the first Closed Test, you don’t need to do anything, if this is the first time you hear about these tests, please follow these steps:

  • Sign up via this form.
  • Wait for the confirmation email, which will include a unique STEAM activation code.
  • Activate the game on STEAM using your unique activation code and download the game.

NOTE! Closed Test is under a Non-Disclosure Agreement: sharing or recording screenshots, videos or streams is not allowed!
You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the Closed Test.

How long this Closed Test will last

The second test will take place on October 22nd and will only last 1 day.

We will have European and North American servers running on a following schedule: 

  • European servers: 6 PM – 12 AM Central European Time / 9 AM – 3 PM Pacific Time
  • North American servers: 12 AM – 6 AM Central European Time / 3 PM – 9 PM Pacific Time

You will hear more from us once we are ready to move to the next phase of Closed Testing. We want to make sure that we provide you with timely updates on the state of the development.

With love, 
Redhill Games