Career Development 104 // Task Event — Feb 21 – Mar 3

Career Development 104 is live! Evaluate your performance progress, complete assigned tasks and you can pick up the ML-SMG 40 plus some Weapon Codes and Parts!

Welcome to Career Development 104!

Evaluate your performance progress and get some nice bonuses — simply complete assigned tasks and you can pick up the ML-SMG 40 plus some Weapon Codes and Parts which are sure to boost morale.

In close-quarters engagements, controlling recoil is the difference between stitching patterns on the ceiling and successfully clearing a room. This ML-SMG 40 is perfect in a tight spot, shoots fast, and is easy to control. It’s little wonder this versatile weapon is a favorite amongst special forces and working mercs everywhere. For accuracy in up-close environments or when engaging an enemy at distance, the Merlin ML-SMG 40 delivers rock-solid performance.

For the time being, ML-SMG 40 will be an exclusive reward for Career Development 104. However, later on it will be available for Credits on the Marketplace. So, if you want to be among the first to try this SMG on the battlefield, complete the first task, and it is yours!

Progress throughout the Career Development, complete more tasks and receive these powerful upgrades for your ML-SMG 40:

  • Weapon Parts and Hacking Codes for ML-SMG 40
    • Micro Red Dot
    • Extended Magazine
    • Light Vertical Foregrip
    • Brilliant Hacking Code — Handling
    • Brilliant Hacking Code — Ballistics
  • Farmira Components
  • “Merc Work Ahead” Armor Sticker
  • “9 kills 5 shots” Armor Sticker

However, if life got in the way of playing in the Career Development event but you still want to obtain this amazing gun before it is available to the public, we have a great offer on the Marketplace to get you up to speed.

“Career Development 104” event runs from 11 AM CET on Feb 21 until 11 AM CET on Mar 3.

To participate in the event, head over to the Events tab in the game menu and see what tasks you need to complete.

After completing a task, the next one will open. There’s a total of 10 tasks and 10 unique rewards to earn. Note that some of the tasks are locked until a specific day, so you need to clock in on different days to complete all the tasks.


This event a part of the Career Development series. Participating in the Career Development events allows you to get your hands on new Nine to Five weapons and armor before they are available for everyone.

Read about other events in the series in our article.

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us on Steam or our Discord server!